Water Damage Prevention Tips Houston, TX

Tips To Detect Water Leak’s Early

Residential Water Damage Houston TX

Pay Attention to Your Water Bill


This is the most common way you can keep a track of water leakage. Keeping an eye on your water bill is key to catching leaking pipes before the damage happens or becomes noticeable. If you see your water bill starting to increase or receive one that is uncommonly high, there’s a good chance that there is a water leak occurring. As you can compare your water bills monthly & if you notice that the usage has gone up then you can dig further. Often pipes are behind walls or underneath your floors where you can’t see a leaking pipe until the damage has already caused a problem. Call top water damage specialist in Houston Tx.


Don’t Use Chemicals to Unclog Your Drains

Most people use chemicals unknowingly. When you use powerful chemicals to unclog your drains, those chemicals slowly eat away at your pipes. Placing a catcher over your drain will collect all the particles that often cause your drain to clog. Using chemicals may cause leakage as they have a tendency to eat pipes. You can also use a drain snake to help unclog your drains as they’re inexpensive and can be found at your local hardware store as you can do some research on which product to use to maximize the effect. Ask experts water cleanup in Houston Tx


Never Pour Grease Down the Sink


In fact, do not pour any thick dirt down the drain which may not pass through the pipes. It does not matter if you’re pouring grease down the sink with hot water, cold water, or detergent as it can still harden and cling to your pipes causing a blockage. The best thing to do with grease is to pour it into a cup or can that can be disposed of later. Simply pour the liquid into the cup, let it harden and then toss it in the trash. Always remember to avoid pouring grease down the sink. Contact best water damage company in Houston Tx.