How To Hire a Concrete Contractor In Houston, TX

Get an estimate in drying time for the project

When you are scheduling your driveway do keep in mind that whatever deadline you set for work to be complete, you still won’t have access to your driveway for at least one week as it needs decent days to dry. Many concrete driveway contractors recommend 2-4 weeks of drying time to ensure the strength and longevity of the driveway. Planning to host an important event at your home such as social gathering. Needing delivery of heavy appliances if it requires the access of driveway. Factor your plans into the project deadline by adding several weeks to the projected completion date. As you do not want it to be messed after the concrete is placed in your driveway.

Try to get cost quotes, also get technical

A home visit from contractors as you collect quotes can give you a better sense of specifics if you don’t already know them as if homeowners get them to visit the place & get quotes then they could get accurate quotes. Gathering several opinions on what materials and specifications you will need can also help you narrow your choices during the selection process.


Make sure projects come with written contracts which can be documented.

It is a good idea to get a written statement. Make sure a written contract is a standard procedure for the contractor and ask about what typically goes into his contracts. Similar on how to start & to complete the procedure.

The document which consists of contracts should be specific, technical and include cost and schedule to ensure a quality guarantee and clear expectations on what is being delivered as this is not an daily investment.  When hiring a contractor points out that you should establish what thickness of pavement you desire and will need to be clear on the compaction of the subgrade and base before signing a contract. As any contract needs to be checked & get clarification on all points. Contact Concrete Contractor in Houston