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It is no doubt that this Mall of America is more than just a shopping mall as it is a place for entertainment, a place for fun, also a place for relaxation, it’s a bona fide tourist attraction. For more than a quarter-century, the gigantic shopping center has brought tens of millions tourists to the city of Bloomington, Minnesota for deals on designers duds and roller coaster rides galore. Here at a few things you might not know about the legendary shopping mall. This is one of the most famous spot with tourist attractions.


It is the biggest Mall in the nation. Up until 2015, the Mall of America and Pennyslvania’s King of Prussia Mall were regularly duking it out for the title of “biggest” versus “largest” mall in America. And while the Mall of America has always maintained a larger total square footage, King of Prussia boasted more actual retail space. That officially changed in 2015, when the Mall of America expanded its footprint. With its expansion it is not the largest Mall in the nation.

But the Mall of America won’t hold that title for much longer as Miami’s American Dream Mall is set to steal the title when it opens (but it could be a while, as the shopping center is still in the development phase). You can still say Mall of America is the biggest in the current date.


Mall of America has its own postal code. It’s 55425, in case you’re dying to know (or just need it). This Mall is so huge that it got its own zip code.

Parking Spaces


AS this place is stormed with visitors, it needs a capacity to provide parking for everyone. ,With 5.4 million square feet to cover, more than 500 stores, a theme park, an aquarium, a movie theater, a wedding chapel and lots more, how many parking spaces do you think would be adequate? Well, the mall has 12,287. There are different kind of events in the Mall hence it needs space to park.

But there are plenty of options if you find yourself at the mall with 12,287 other people and can’t seem to find a spot, including hotel shuttles, parking at IKEA, plus bus and rail services that will take you directly to the mall. There are many public transportation that can take you to the Mall.

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